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YaBB 2: Ron Hartendorp, Andrew Aitken, Carsten Dalgaard, Ryan Farrington, Zoltan Kovacs, Tim Ceuppens, Shoeb Omar, Torsten Mrotz, Brian Schaefer, Juvenall Wilson, Christer Jenson, and Corey Chapman.

YaBB 1 Gold - Service Pack 1: Corey Chapman, Bjoern Berg, Dave Baughman, Tim Ceuppens, Jay Silverman, and Gunther Meyer

YaBB 1 Gold: Corey Chapman, Darya Misse, Popeye, Michael Prager, Dave Baughman, Dave G, Carey P, Christian Land, Tim Ceuppens, ejdmoo, StarSaber, and Parham Mofidi.

YaBB 1 Final: Zef Hemel, Jeff Lewis, Christian Land, Corey Chapman, Peter Crouch.

Special Thanks: All our VERY dedicated beta testers / bug hunters, everyone who helped out with code-snippets and advice, all the graphics & layout guys, all the security bods who forced us to re-think how to make a secure BBS, and everyone who made us put the features they wanted into YaBB 2.

Most of all, we'd like to thank the people who download and use YaBB on a daily basis. It may sound corny, but without people who want to use this software, it wouldn't exist.